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Lucia and the Sparks
Lucia settled into her bed, its thin sheets and worn pillow tiredly embracing her as it did every night. She sighed, listening intently to the constant, shaking footfalls outside. Like rain comforts one while in the comfort of their bed, whether the gentle patter or the raging downpour, the footfalls and their somewhat erratic rhythm altogether calmed her.  On a worn piece of upright wood she had kept a small metal cup, so that she could hear its faint clatter every time it rose so slightly in response to the footfalls.
Suddenly, her entire room shook violently more than ever, accompanied by a clumsy sliding noise that came to an abrupt halt. Her little cup had fallen over and off the wood, and lay on the bare floor. Lucia, cautious at first, slipped out of her bed and crept towards her exit point, a crack which was just big enough for her frame to squeeze through. While she certainly did not look graceful in the slightest when entering and exiting, it was efficient and safe. Safe
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Ocean Blues
He sat next to her, smiling gently and holding her hand in his, loosely.
She turned to look at him, her eyes wide with wonder and curiosity at the frothing waves so far below and the night sky punctuated with little glimmering punches of white.  Almost imperceptibly, she leaned in, her eyes slowly closing and her hold on his hand tightening ever so gradually.
He reacted inwardly almost instantaneously; he was not ready for intimacy. He jumped up, looking down on her.
She looked at him, eyes now wide with barely concealed surprise and hurt. She also stood up, but slowly and reluctantly.
And all she did was take one long look at him before she walked away, not looking back even once.
“Stop!” A cracked cry came from the boy, quiet but also deafening.
She halted almost instantly, her long hair reacting and swaying in one long motion. With a cautious speed, she turned her head the tiniest of bits.
She said nothing, only implored him to speak with still wide eyes.
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The walls shake and I feel dizzy and sick. Sprawling in a space, with other humans, the squirming mass of human below me makes me feel like vomiting. Nothing is still. Nothing is calm. A little girl tries to stand, her father or uncle or just a stranger attempting to push her up. As she is hoisted up with an arm, her little face has a tinge of happiness and my heart flutters for her. That little moment of joy among this roiling epitome of despair fills me with momentary elation.
A jarring jolt from outside brings her crashing back into the moving mass, her face contorting with fear and apprehension. Once again, she is part of the mass and is swallowed up by the frenzy of it. The pure chaos and turmoil once again has that little girl within its clutches, and my heart drops. Just as sudden and momentary was the joy, the choppy movements bring it down once again into desolation. None of us know where we are, where we were, or where we are going. We know nothing, this mass of human. My tho
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Shop Adventures
“Hey, miss, we only have one tiny rule here and you can’t even get your kid to listen to it?” sighed the only employee in the store. He needed money and working at this place had been his only option. He didn’t care for the work at all, or the ones he was supposed to ‘look after’.
“If I were you, I’d treat my customers with a little more respect,” replied the woman haughtily.
“Why not try and show the little guys some respect then, huh?” Not that he cared much about them, but he was sure he wouldn’t want some kid banging on his walls.
“I should’ve known the nature of this store from the outside,” huffed the woman before grabbing her child’s hand and tugging them outside.I considered showing her back the finger, but I deemed it too immature. Although I was indeed strongly tempted.  
Ugh. Only his first week on the job and he already despised the dingy place. He picked up his coke and wen
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Drawing from Fear
We are brought up this way. Taught to hide and fear. The world is poisonous and dangerous, to be sheltered from like acid rain. We cower and flinch, obscured by our troubled upbringings. We are happy-not abused or neglected- but we are indoctrinated with fear. Fear for the world around us, fear for everything out there, shrouded in layers of tales and ghastly stories. Going outside is like jumping into a burning fire, and exploring it is like allowing the licks of flames to engulf you. Being seen is like being incinerated suddenly and all at once. From the day we are born, it is pressed into our minds, our hands, our every fibre that it is bad. Dangerous and forbidden and suicide. Everyone  has a story, their uncle or some relative or friend: stolen away by by gargantuan hands, victims to the simple act of carelessness, animals (cats especially) and other stories all interwoven and containing perhaps figments of the truth. Like some are told cautionary tales warning against undesi
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A rite or a right?
Standing next to a wooden textured surface, she ran her hand over it, taking comfort in its familiar and rough surface as she prepared to go on the run of her life. You could say that it was a rite of passage or a claim to adulthood. Everyone did it some time or the other, but it had to be done. Her nerves were in a frenzy and she mentally imagined herself collecting them and bundling them together. It helped, a little. The faint sound of metal scraping against metal signaled that it was go time. She rose up on to the balls of her feet, grabbed the wooden surface one more time for reassurance and took off.
Zac reached the door and tugged at the doorknob, irritated at the humid weather and losing his football match. Damn, he realized. He’d forgotten his keys that morning. You know when you have those good and bad days, it’s like each day gets rattled about in a big ol’ ball, and for some reason, the bad days get pulled out more than the good. But hey, what’s a go
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I wish I could begin this  story the way I know most would see fit. With a lie.
Argue with anyone and they will tell you that lying is worse than the truth. I believe A lie can be better than the truth. We sugar coat our sins to our loved ones and portray the person we want to be rather than who we actually are.
Where exactly does a story begin? I suppose there is no real way of knowing a beginning. Perhaps your childhood lead up to this moment or a simple pot of coffee. This story perhaps would be best told the day I received her.
I was Twenty-six years at the time just a month short of my Twenty-seventh birthday. I’d been offered a job in the states and had just finished unloading the last box. Growing up on  a  small island  in Ireland  I wasn’t used to seeing skyscrapers or being trapped in tight places. this new scenery was a bit overwhelming for me.
I closed the blinds  and sat on the corner of my desk.  That’s when Etsy Samuel
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 9
A reality crashed on me like a two ton block of cement slammed into my stomach.
He’s…he's had another human before me. But wait, that didn't make sense. He said yesterday that the last time they had seen a human on earth was 16 years ago…and that would make him 2 years old. So…did his father find one of us?
I was wrapped up in my own thoughts, bound by the thought of another poor soul trapped here in this mysterious giant land. And if she was here before…
…Where was she now?
I suddenly felt pressure nudge my stomach and I gasped, a finger pushing into my torso and quickly retreating, the owners eyebrows furrowed.
“Hey, you awake in there? God, you space out a lot. I mean, I know how you feel though, whenever I'm in physics--“
“Is there another human living here?” I blurted out, unable to stop myself from my own probing curiosity.  Immediately I wished I had bit my tongue, but hope was burning away at my rib cage, e
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 8
Filled with disturbance, I turned away from the mirror, from that bruised, beat up girl that wasn't me, and instead towards the sink. Suddenly, no part of me felt comfortable taking off all my clothes with my own captor in the same room.  Underwear could dry fast enough, and it might actually be beneficial to get them clean while I'm at it. Who knew how long it'd be till I'd have another pair…
Dipping one foot in the water, I heard quiet, rhythmic humming coming from the shower, vibrating deep in my chest. I ignored it and sighed as the warm water melted off the ache and pain, and instantly plopped down onto the counter, both my legs now completely immersed in the bubbles. With a deep breath, I dipped myself in the hot soapy goodness, smiling as the water washed over my face and through my hair. Taking another deep breath, I flipped myself completely under the water, opening my eyes to the light blue water swirling in bubbles and wincing slightly at the sting. Memories of su
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Mature content
Onyx's Pranksters :iconfirenze11:Firenze11 13 32
Diamonds and Clipped Wings  by Obsess-Confess Diamonds and Clipped Wings :iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 35 10
What Would You Do for a Sweet Roll?
It was one of the many nights Briggs had opted to spend in Falran's room.  The two boys had been close friends for an entire year now.  It had advanced to the point where the ten-year-olds had set up a small bed on Falran's desk in his room for Briggs.  It stayed there, even if Briggs slept with the other Liraiphes.
That night, as Briggs's eyelids grew heavier and heavier, he heard a powerful whisper fill the room.
"Briggs?  Are you asleep?"
"Yes," the Liraiphe muttered into his pillow.  He turned onto his stomach, his wings spread widely on either side of him.  He was about to nod off when the whispering came again, coupled by a nudge in his side that was impossible to ignore.
"What?" Briggs whined at his friend.  He turned his head to face the Sarbithian.  Falran's head of messy, sandy blond hair filled his vision.
Falran pouted at him for a moment, but quickly recovered.  "You know the sweet rolls Mother made tonight, but said w
:iconcdupre:CDupre 9 13
The rock banged once against the back of the chair before dropping with a loud clang into the pewter mug bellow it and a chorus of groans and a few cheers rose up. Kol raised his hands above his head, a smug grin spread across his face. Farris and Bart sat at the head of the table, watching and laughing at the antics of the younger staff. Kol rounded the table in an odd half run half drunken jig. As he passed Nenani on the table, he teasingly tapped her on the head, danced behind Farris, and gave Bart a quick hug before dashing away from him before the larger giant could do more than snarl and swipe at the baker.  
“Okay, lads, pay up, pay up!” Kol said, shoving his hands at his fellows who were all begrudgingly reaching into their pockets for coins. Kol took his seat with a flourish and, loudly, began to count his winnings.
The game was simple enough. A chair with an empty mug was set up at the end of the kitchen and the boys took turns trying to throw small pebbles i
:icontransformergirl:Transformergirl 7 6
Mature content
Valour and Blood || 1.11 :iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 15 2
Jack Chapter Twelve
Oliver wasn’t much taller than Ben, yet the way he presented himself could make a giant take a step back. He was intimidating, and he knew it, which came in handy when dealing with rebellious delinquents such as Riot. He stared down at his three suspects, his gaze lingering longest on Ben. As a teenager, a simple glare from Oliver made the seventeen year old almost wet himself, but he wasn’t seventeen anymore. Time had gone on, and with time, Ben had changed. He wasn't the kid Oliver had found eight years ago.
Ben was the kind of person who would forget a dream right when they woke up, pee in the shower, and for some reason never remember a date to save his life. His freshman history report of  the Battle of Gettysburg in 1935 would tell you that. The only exception to this was if the memory somehow involved food. He could recount details of the food better than the actual event, but at least he could tell you something. For instance, he could remember having fried chi
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ITLOE: Chapter IX
Chapter IX – Suddenly You Realize...
The sound of his black, polished leather boots clicking against the cobblestone and gravel echoed through the silence that had befallen the town. Palace guards—clad in red, black and white attire—flanked his sides as he made his way down the path—face contorted into a foreboding scowl.  
"It's rare to see one of the princes out..." some onlookers whispered while others just stared.
"His young majesty seems to be in a bad mood..." one pointed out quietly.
Darius paid the steadily murmuring citizens no heed, barely sparing them a glare, as he stopped in front of the doors of the library. Tucking a strand of hair behind his ear, he proceeded in pushing the doors open with a low grunt, effectively startling the few occupants in the building. He looked around for a brief moment in search of Phillip until his eyes landed on the white-haired man behind the mahogany desk, who was gazing at him in surprise. Purp
:iconnicole08196:Nicole08196 24 25
ITLOE: Chapter I
'******' -- indicate a point of view switch.
'......' -- indicate time shift.
words in italics -- thoughts and emphasized words.
Chapter I – Assessing the Situation
Eyes opening up to a strange new world around her, Michelle Clara Knight sat up with an audibly loud groan. What did I do...? It feels like I have the hangover of the century! More importantly... She looked around briefly at the unfamiliar territory. Where the heck am I?
Impossibly large peach-colored walls towered above her on all sides and when she looked above to the ceiling, she saw a chandelier, appropriately separated from its siblings also on different sections of the ceiling, hanging by a post. It was stunningly breathtaking...not to mention rather expensive looking...which once again raised the question of where Michelle currently was.
She looked down at her clothes for a moment, seeing the same outfit that she was in previously. that's pecu
:iconnicole08196:Nicole08196 88 49
The little girl was bewildered and confused in the best way.
She was surrounded by lady giants, all of them cooing at her, wiping away her frightened tears and petting her hair. Someone was braiding her freshly washed hair while another was taking measurements of her feet for new shoes as her own were deemed unacceptable.
Lolly had brought her to a room somewhere in the servants’ quarters reserved for the female servant and had called all her friends to help her. They brought out a small wash bin and filled it with warm water and allowed the little girl clean herself, giving her a little space, and collect her scattered thoughts. Though Lolly did step in when she felt the little girl did not quite scrub all the dirt from behind her ears and neck. Then she washed the little girl’s hair for her with real soap.  
“Oh look! There was a little human under all that dirt!” Lolly teased with a laugh, wrapping a soft towel around the now clean human. “You have
:icontransformergirl:Transformergirl 9 2
Mature content
Shattered Dispositions Ch3 :iconlightswillwaver:lightswillwaver 11 7
Unrequited Aimee
At the ripe old age of 13, my heart has already shattered into a million pieces. How could he? I keep my head down. I speak only when I know what I say will be impactful, which isn’t often. I even spend most of my time in the library where the idea of silence is golden! How could he?
 “Aimee, wait!”
 I can feel the vibrations in the walkway as he calls after me, approaching with urgency. What does he want? To say what he said to my face? Because jokingly with others he’ll say that I’m too short. Too short for what? It’s one thing to listen to my inner demons, but to hear what they say out loud? No. I run into the library for my after school shift. My safe haven.
 Just as I get to the human entrance his shadow falls upon me. He’s standing behind.
 “Aimee, let’s talk. I think there’s been a misunderstanding,” he says between pants. I slowly look over my shoulder and up. I look into his deep green e
:iconsmallorderofela:smallorderofela 6 9
Day at the Beach - One-off
I didn’t plan to be up to my waist in salty ocean water, chasing after a blow up boat that got caught in a rip for a bunch of human’s I’ve never met on my one day of peace.
Screw the Ocean.
Screw the beach.
Screw me for being big and fast and apparently the only option to save this person.
ESPECIALLY screw this stupid girl for being a nob and getting caught in a rip and her dumb friends that are too blind to NOITICE their friend‘s boat being swept out to sea.
Screw- no, - FUCK this all together. I should have stayed home to read.
~~~~~~~ A few hours earlier ~~~~~~~
“ahhh.” I moaned as my car tires hit the sand and I switched my Ute into FWD. I could almost feel my manly testosterone spike at the feeling. I loved coming here, to Skeeter’s Island. It was far from remote, but if you came here mid-week, hardly anyone was around.
Skeeter Island is weird. Not only because its literally not even an island (the humans
:iconralph-waldo:ralph-waldo 28 24
Shattered Chapter Four
It’s important to think about and observe your surroundings before you act. There was only one way out of this jar, and that was up.  Maybe on a good day I could jump ten feet in the air. Right now I was tired, hungry, and cold. Really cold in fact. I hadn’t noticed how much i’d been shivering until Aiden  had left.
The blanket he’d given me was made of an unusual material. The parts that had gotten wet from my Parka now dissolved and disappeared.
I tossed the blanket to the side. “Useless.” I  removed my coat. It did help a little bit, Not enough to keep me from shivering.  
I tucked my knees to my chest as I sat down. Why did he leave me in this stupid jar? Was he afraid I’d run away….Well truthfully I probably would of.
I didn’t bother to look up as I heard the door open. I could tell by the quick steps it was the boy.
He was silent. I raised my glance carefully incase my prediction had been wrong.
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Lucia settled into her bed, its thin sheets and worn pillow tiredly embracing her as it did every night. She sighed, listening intently to the constant, shaking footfalls outside. Like rain comforts one while in the comfort of their bed, whether the gentle patter or the raging downpour, the footfalls and their somewhat erratic rhythm altogether calmed her.  On a worn piece of upright wood she had kept a small metal cup, so that she could hear its faint clatter every time it rose so slightly in response to the footfalls.

Suddenly, her entire room shook violently more than ever, accompanied by a clumsy sliding noise that came to an abrupt halt. Her little cup had fallen over and off the wood, and lay on the bare floor. Lucia, cautious at first, slipped out of her bed and crept towards her exit point, a crack which was just big enough for her frame to squeeze through. While she certainly did not look graceful in the slightest when entering and exiting, it was efficient and safe. Safety was of primary concern to Lucia, she had to survive. At this point, she severely regretted that peering out the crack from the safety of her abode did not afford her much of a view at what lay outside. So, she stumbled over to her coatrack, bearing one lonesome green coat, and began to make her way through the crack. Suspiciously, she found part of its exit blocked. This proved to be troublesome as it proved to be an even more difficult task to weave her self out of the crack. Anxiously, she allowed only her head to peer out of her safety, her eyes met by a surprising sight.

Slumped against the wall, large emerald glass bottle in hand, was a human. A human! Lucia’s thoughts ran wild, first consumed by fear! Humans are big, humans are mean, humans don’t even know that you exist! Scenarios raced and slipped through her mind like startled gazelle. Then, it turned to a bizarre bewilderment.  What on earth was a human being doing slumped against HER building? This behavior was uncharacteristic, and nothing of the sort had ever happened at her old home nestled away even deeper. Despite being surrounded by them, Lucia had never actually properly seen a human being. Sure, she had scurried about in absolute fear and caution, but had she ever glimpsed upon a human being entirely at her own discretion? No, and that was what she intended to. Hey, as that strange saying that she had heard went, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And she would concoct the sweetest of lemonades, a true lemon elixir, when she conquered a human being. Yes, conquered, as one would conquer a mountain. She was going to climb this thing, right up to its towering, albeit slumped over, head.  If her old community could only see her now, they’d be plunged into a state of chaos and abject terror. Despite being terrified herself, their imagined panic brought a faint smile to her otherwise set in determination face.

Standing right next to it, she realized that it was more enormous than she ever could have imagined. Its sprawled hand sported fingers that sprouted from the palm like towering redwoods, as she had read about, emphasizing her relative insignificance. Right next to the hand, she debated in her mind about where to begin her monumental pursuit. Quickly, she glanced at its head, attempting to gauge just how deeply it was in whatever state it was, and any chances of a sudden awakening. Unfortunately for Lucia, she could not see its face whatsoever. Whatever. She decided to climb the closer hand, the one holding the immense bottle. Using the fingers as climbing supports, she hoisted herself slowly up. Finally. She stood upon the final, highest finger and placed her hands on the rim of the bottle and peered in. Right, her next course of action was to leap from its rim to the arm.

Alas, if only things worked out as we willed them to do. In attempting to boost herself off the rim, her foot had slipped and brought her crashing down into the bottle. Ugh, and it wasn’t even empty.  Liquid all at once surrounded her, although thankfully it was not high enough to force her to tread water, or more accurately tread whatever alcoholic substance it contained. She could picture her older brother smirking at her current predicament, with that smug nature that he always held over her. The liquid soaked her, while the humid night suffocated her within the bottle. What had she done? In her haste, she had left behind all her climbing equipment. She was stuck in an emerald glass prison, with great imposing curved walls rising around her. Through the opening at the top she could see the stars, but also booming colourful sparks. Huh, so it was that night. She should have figured, slumped over figures tended to be common around this time. What was she going to do? Trapped, completely trapped. At the mercy of an it, a beast, a thing. A currently unconscious thing that would wake, holding the ultimate sway over her as she had wished to accomplish by scaling it. Oh, how quickly these cruel tables had turned. But had she ever held the power? She was tiny, nothing in this great world.  Sitting in that bottle, this great fact of insignificance bore down upon her, soaking her through like the liquid had. The coloured sparks continued, different shapes. Mocking her in their glee. Despite all her efforts, her lot in life would remain constant.

Resolved, she leaned against the side of the bottle while gazing up. Might as well make the most of the sparks. Time seemed to pass strangely in the bottle, and soon her observant state was jolted by a sudden shifting of the fingers holding her prison in place. It, the thing was awaking.

“Ugh, where even am I?”

The booming voice burst her calm state entirely, preceded by groans. More shifting, moving. Yet the hand still kept ahold of the bottle, much to Lucia’s anxiety. She longed for the bottle to tip so that she could race back to her safety, that crack.

Her hopes exploded into a million smaller sparks, just as those in the sky had previously done, when the bottle started to rise.
Lucia and the Sparks

What up, folks?

Here is something weird that I have written instead of doing all my holiday homework, good job me right? Right??? 

So yeah anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all have a hella 2017, it's going to be an enormously huge and important year for me! 

Thanks for being cool. 

Hi everyone, all 14 of my watchers! Ok, so I'm updating my status to inform you all of my immense excitement for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! So, who else is super excited? ...
controversial opinion: it seems better than the Harry Potter series (pls no hate)…

It's a disney movie about g/t! Jack and the Beanstalk! But different. :D


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Alisia Lemon
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Hi. Animals are the coolest things ever.
I'm a vegan. :) (I realise I perpetuate the vegan stereotype by writing it at the top of my bio like this, but ... )
You know how some people are like, 'I can't even remember when I first started writing, I guess I've always done it.'
Well I remember when I was first inspired by it, in year 3.
My teacher inspired and encouraged us to write, and then it was kind of off and on with when I wrote.
The most amazing creature on Earth is Buzz. Who is a dog.
I sometimes draw but everything on dA is too amazing for me to put any of my stuff on here. Maybe a preschool display board would be more appropriate.
If you're still reading this, I applaud you heartily.
I've started reading comic books recently and I also recently moved states which was a huge change and everything. New school, new everything.
I like to imagine myself riding a narwhal majestically into the sunset.
Bye and feel free to talk to me or anything. We cool. :D


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